Teaching and Community Building

At Yogaworks Dupont Circle:

  • Mondays, one-hour all levels vinyasa flow 7 am
  • Wednesdays, one-hour all levels vinyasa flow 12 noon
  • Thursdays,  beginner level vinyasa flow 6:30 pm

At Yogaworks Arlington:

  • Tuesdays, one hour all levels vinyasa flow 6:45 am
  • Wednesdays, beginner level vinyasa flow 8:30 pm

Contact me for information about private instruction and/or about offering the following special workshops in your community:

Yoga 101 — a 2.5 hour introduction to vinyasa yoga for the complete beginner

Yoga at the Wall — a 2 hour workshop for yogis with some practice who want the support, challenge and feedback of one of the best props we all have in our homes:  a wall.  Includes time to relax and restore in restorative postures at the end of instruction.

Introduction to Mindfulness — an hour long introduction to formal and informal practices of mindfulness.  Great for the workplace, faith or civic community.

Coming Into Our Own: Radical, Graceful Aging — three 2-hour long sessions to support women as they successfully surf challenges and joys of aging through the practice of yoga and meditation.  Participants develop their  own map for radical, graceful aging and find ease and comfort in body, mind and spirit.  Each of the three sessions includes time for discussion, reflection and movement and meditation. The final session includes a celebration of life and new-found friends — a real “happy hour!”






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